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Twitter Drinking Game Rules

This should totally count as @ktabin posting as @danregal since the blog link will be posted on Twitter.


1 drink if someone says “FAIL”
1 drinks for any mention of the following: Star Trek, Transformers, Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR, and Hitchhiker’s Guide
1 drink for any mention of Firefly/Serenity/Dollhouse/Chuck
1 drink per drunk @brianrubin tweet.
1 drink per mention of cats.
1 drink per iPhone mention.
1 drink if @ktabin mentions something law related.
1 drink every time someone thinks @michaelceratops is a guy
1 drink every time @theonetruebix gets angry.
1 drink every time someone thinks @danregal’s IRL name is Dan.
1 drink for an OH tweet.
2 drinks if the person over-heard is a person you follow on Twitter.
2 drinks for a food twitpic
2 drinks for a good “That’s what he/she said” tweet.

2 drinks if someone mentions another kind of phone.
2 drinks for any mention of traffic/traveling.
2 drinks if there are pictures of cats.
2 drinks for a “K” (1000, 2000, 3000, etc) tweet and they actually say so.
2 drinks for mention of: shrimp racks or shrimp wraps.
2 drinks if @brianrubin drunk-buys something.

1 drink for tweeting on someone else’s account.
2 drinks if @ktabin posts as @danregal.
3 drinks if @ktabin posts as @nodgarb.
Finish drink if @ktabin posts as @wetodded

3 drinks if @danregal says he’s going to get some sleep.

1 drink for picture of a Three Wolf Moon shirt. 2 drinks if @wetodded is not the one pictured.

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