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Close out May with a coupon from danregal photography

I’ve decided to close out the remaining days of May with my first sale on photos and other products. If you have hesitated clicking the buy button, now’s your chance. Until the end of May, use coupon MAY2011 when checking out at my zenfolio site and get 15% off your order. Thanks for looking!

spiral of pain

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My entries accepted for display in the SD County Fair

UPDATE Part 2: After last night’s 2nd set of emails, I thought we were done. But no. Today I received an “ignore all previous emails” message. And tonight, over the course of 5 hours, I found out the Final FINAL results. Which are ┬ájust the same as it was when I went to sleep last night. Hopefully I’m done updating this page.

UPDATE: Apparently every email they sent me was wrong. So instead of 3 entries, I got 1. I’ve fixed the results below.

I received the emails today for the photos I entered in the San Diego County Fair Exhibit of Photography. And the results are:

1. Accepted!

a moment of calm. a life fulfilled.

2. Not accepted.

worship me

3. Not accepted.

standing alone in the desert

4. Not accepted.

Facing the challenge

There you have it. 1 out of 4. Thanks everyone for helping me pick these. I’ll find out on June 10th if I win any monetary prizes or ribbons.