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Closing down my Zenfolio - 10 Days for 40% off

So I’ve decided my Zenfolio account is a mild failure. Not enough orders and too much work. Plus I’ve got the new printer that allows me to produce the same quality. Which means I’ve got 10 days left to sell something before they close my account. And that means you’re getting a deal to help me sell just a little bit more.

Here’s all you have to do.

1. Go to my Zenfolio portfolio by February 17th

2. Add the photo(s) you want to the cart

3. During checkout use the coupon code “FINAL” for 40% off all products/photos/downloads

4. Enjoy!

If you don’t see a photo that you know I’ve taken (from Flickr) on Zenfolio, send me an email and I’ll upload it for you.

After February 17th the only way to get my photos will be directly from me. Pricing and sizes will available soon.

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