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My entries into the SD Fair

Thanks to everyone who voted for their favorites. I’ve decided on the following 4 photos to enter into the San Diego County Fair.

1. Every single person who voted put this somewhere on their list. I was going to submit it no matter what, but it’s nice to see everyone agrees with me. :)

a moment of calm. a life fulfilled.

2. Tied for 2nd most popular photo. I wasn’t 100% sure about this one, but you all convinced me.

worship me

3. This one tied for 4th. Out of the others before and after it in votes, it fit better into the categories available in the contest.

standing alone in the desert

4. This one didn’t receive a ton of votes, but I think it fits the Fair’s theme  (Race to the Fair) very well.

Facing the challenge

There you have it. For all those who voted for ’spiral of pain’ (or any other favorite), I just couldn’t figure out a good category for it to fit into, and I only have so much money for entry fees. I’ll find out on May 4th if any photos have been selected for display at the Fair.

Posted in Photography by danregal on April 22nd, 2011 at 1:16 pm.

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  1. Nice selections!!

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