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I’m moving to San Diego

If you hadn’t heard yet, I’m moving (back) to San Diego. What does this mean for the SoCal group? Pretty much nothing, since San Diego is in SoCal. :)

I plan to continue to set up the events we’ve been doing every year, paintball, Disney Day (October 24th! One month away!!!) and everything else.  I’ll just have a longer drive to LA.  I’ll be sending emails to the group about Disney Day and other events soon.

As for the move itself, I’ll be renting a truck and doing all that next Saturday, September 26th.  Which is where you may come in. I’ll need some help moving. I’m not going to ask anyone to actually drive all the way out to Riverside, then to San Diego, and then back home.  But if anyone wants to help me load the truck in Riverside, or unload in San Diego, it would be much appreciated.

I’ll be starting the loading at 10 AM on Saturday.  I won’t know the exact time of the unload in San Diego, but it will likely be around 2-3 PM.  There will be food and drinks and many, many thanks from me for everyone who helps.

If you are interested in helping, send me an email, or contact me on Twitter


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