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Steam Powered Giraffe Yulemas group photos

If you had your photo taken by me (or Beth) and we gave you a business card…your photo is ready!

Just send us an email with a description of you and/or your clothes that night and we’ll send you your photo.

Posted in Photography and Steam Powered Giraffe by danregal on January 5th, 2013 at 3:16 pm.

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  1. Heather Jones Jan 5th 2013

    You took a photo of myself with my Dad and best friend at the Friday Yulemas show. It would be a female and two males, the girl and guy to either side were cyborgs, the girl is wearing a gray wool military style coat and has a more rugged style silver cyborg with part of the “skin” on the face torn off. The robot in the center was wearing a black button up with red suspenders and a red bow tie and sitting in a red and black Powerchair. The male cyborg has a much smoother appearance and is more patchwork style metal and “skin”. we truly appreciate you taking our picture, and much appreciate the time you are taking to distribute the photographs to the fans.

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