The Back of My Head

Photography and Geekery from danregal

Who is danregal?

Who is danregal? Well, danregal is not anyone really. It’s just an online name or persona. So who is the person behind danregal? That’s easier to answer. danregal is me!

Me is James. I know, bad grammar. You get that sometimes. I’m probably best described as a geek. I’ve been one my whole life and I’m not going to stop any time soon. I’ve geeked out over comics, TV, movies, technology and quite a few other things. I have a passion for the nerdier things in this world. Some of the posts you see on this blog will be about those geeky, nerdy things.

I’m also a photographer. I came about this a little later in life. I’m not calling myself a pro, or a serious hobbyist, or an amateur. I’m just a photographer. I like to take photos. I like to tell stories one exposure at a time. I like to take you back to that moment I pressed the shutter. I like to get a reaction from you when you look at a photo I’ve taken.

I’ll be using this blog to write about things that interest me. I’ll also be using it to display and talk about my photos, and if you so choose, direct you to where you can buy them.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you out in the world.

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